Bourgeois' Martial Arts Academy Turns Children Into Champions

Bourgeois' Martial Arts Academy Turns Children Into Champions

Martial Arts School for Self Defense Training in Bossier City, LA

Bourgeois' Martial Arts Academy is a martial arts academy that offers training for beginners and advanced students alike. We teach martial arts, but we also teach discipline, respect and teamwork.

Right now, we have multiple national champions training and instructing at our academy. In 2017, instructor Lindsey Goodson won gold, silver and bronze medals in the International Taekwondo Championship. Working alongside national and international champions really inspires students to push themselves to become even better.

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Come to our martial arts school to join a winning team

Our martial arts school offers several programs according to age and experience. These classes are:

  • Little Dragons (Ages 4-6)
  • Introductory Basic Program (Ages 7+)
  • Intermediate Program (Ages 7+)
  • Advanced Program (Ages 7+)
  • Adult Program
  • Black Belt Program

Our adult programs are more laid back. Just like in the children's classes, they're structured as a group setting, but instructors still give plenty of individual attention to each trainee. You'll get encouragement and constructive criticism to help you with your form.

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